Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There'll be another reason to give thanks as we gather with loved-ones, liked-ones, or merely "tolerated ones" tomorrow: Governor Sarah Palin is slated to join Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss in at least four rallies across the state prior to Chambliss's crucial December 2 runoff against Democrat Jim Martin.

This move by Governor Palin is quite exciting for a number of reasons, not least of which is the chance for her to directly affect the landscape of national politics right now by helping to forestall a filibuster-proof Democrat majority in the Senate. The Party of Nutsy Pelosi is only two seats away from attaining this ability to block Republican filibuster power, and Chambliss's contest represents one of those coveted prizes. The other battle rages in Minnesota between Norm Coleman and simian clown Al Franken.

By appearing at the upcoming rallies with Chambliss, Governor Palin will capitalize upon her already enormous popularity in Georgia--a popularity that helped her ticket win the state during the Presidential election (52%). This energizing move will also provide her with an opportunity to demonstrate her considerable, wider political clout beyond a shadow of doubt. This could be rather delicious.

Once again, Palin rises to the genuine conservative challenge and shows us that she is in the proverbial game to fight, and to stay. She's not going to let the filthy, immoral attacks of the Left prevent her from steadfast adherence to her convictions and her goals. Liberals continue their shrieking, neurotic attempts to spread the myth that she's "stupid" by the old "say the lie often enough and it might stick" method. The Lady Who Serves The People of Alaska stands tall, however, baby in one hand, moose-gun (proudly) in the other. They'll never destroy her.

We'll be watching the Georgia rallies with great interest. The crowds are certain to be enormous. Best wishes, Governor Palin. Blaze that trail, Lady...blaze that trail!

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