Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's certainly no secret, not anymore. It sort of has the feel of "old news," already, doesn't it?

The nation's Democratic powers are plotting and planning to send the Constitution and the American Dream up the proverbial river in a canoe-for-two, just as spineless, lazy liberals have wanted to do since the days of FDR. Since time immemorial.

We get it, already.

But there's another problem: conservatism itself is hardly being well-represented on the national stage by the Republican Party, at this time. It appears that we have let any number of thieves "in through the front door," as it is said. Until their asses are kicked-out through a window, the back-door, or until they are preferably thrown from the roof, we won't be able to do a thing about the so-called American Dream, much less the Constitution.

Indeed, we have endured a year in which a country-club moderate like John McCain monkey-wrenched the primary campaign and then botched the presidential run via his glaring lack of a passionate conservative identity. His mishandling of Sarah Palin's powerful-but-polarizing potential was an unfortunate auxiliary error. If she had been at the top of a well-calibrated ticket, her polarizing aspect would have fuelled her power, as it's meant to do. After all, we don't want to please liberals. We're not in the business of pleasing them. Not now, not ever.

McCain has certainly not been alone in promulgating the notion of a mass conservative identity-crisis. In the past few days, we've witnessed high-profile GOP governors like Charlie Crist (FL)and Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA) braying liberal lunacies about halting foreclosures in their respective states to save banks and spare consumers, simultaneously.


With this kind of mumbo-jumbo, my greatest fear is that we'll next see someone like Mike Huckabee handing out condoms to school-kids in front of a Planned Parenthood in San Francisco. It's getting that silly.

The real culprit in all of this miasma, I fear, can be found far closer to Main Street than on Wall Street. The greater problem is not found (so much) in the unquestionably lib-infested urban centers. No, I suspect that the trouble may be detected more properly in many of our heartland communities, where upstanding, everyday, average, conservative Americans have started to grow a bit too complacent, a bit too comfortable with the entertainment and media industries' shared mission to water-down almost every aspect of America's culture and society--including (and especially) its moral compass.

Yes, even in our small towns we have become hypnotized by the relentless barrage of liberal information and propaganda streaming into the brain. Many conservatives have put sober judgment on a nearby shelf in order to enjoy what the media tells them to enjoy, from an endless array of television shitfests to each pop-up window on the internets.

American conservatives have settled back, and settled in...too much. They've allowed their principles to be eroded, to the point wherein values are now being stolen away from them by so many thieves in the night--thieves who came in through that aforementioned front door. No, our GOP representatives are not accurately representing us...or are they? Does anyone have a clue? Do enough people have a clue? How many conservatives actually know whether or not moderate, Democrat-Lite Republicans really reflect the needs and values of their constituencies?

We're going to have to wake-up from the video-games, conservatives. Wake up from the You Tubes, Dancing Stars, Law & Order reruns, and general malaise to properly answer these questions.

What do you value? What are your moral standards?

Could you define them, if asked? Could you even list four, or maybe five values, if you had to do so?

It's no longer any good simply to say, "I have Christian values," because that could mean anything in this environment of Starbucks Superchurches with their often anemic, empty teachings, and the Left's belief that wearing a pink Breast Cancer Awareness pin probably constitutes a "Christian" value.

Ask yourself some serious questions about your moral hygiene. About your identity as a conservative. Ask yourself about your future, the future of your family, your children, your friends. Your nation.

What do you value?

If reach any solid conclusions (and you should, if you are a genuine conservative), then turn your gaze toward those who represent you in public-office, from the local scene and beyond.

Do they represent your values? Find out. Ask around. Ask them. Do five minutes of internet research, instead of text-messaging or cellphoning idiots who don't need to hear from you, anyway. Look into matters.

If you discover that your representatives don't really represent you, then make sure that they don't get a chance to represent you again.

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