Wednesday, December 3, 2008


If America's future isn't utterly repackaged, gift-wrapped, and forcibly bequeathed by treacherous Democrats to Marxist enemies (like some unwanted Christmas fruitcake), please remember this name for posterity: Saxby Chambliss.

Don't get me wrong: no one has any idea if Senator Chambliss (R) of Georgia will ever become a man whose extraordinary deeds and legislative brilliance cause his name to be emblazoned upon the pages of history yet-to-be-written. During his first term as Senator, Chambliss established dubious credentials as a staunch conservative; his position on Big Oil was highly suspect, to say the least. Yes, yes, he now seems to understand the GOP's core values and we applaud his enlightenment; amid the apparent "identity crisis," any Republican who henceforth refuses to lose touch with genuine conservatism deserves a medal, in my opinion. Sad but true.

No, Senator Chambliss's name will show-up in the history books--at least the ones that liberals don't hijack and corrupt, which means about four or five books, tops--for another, more far-reaching reason. Namely, Chambliss' resounding December 2 runoff-defeat of Democrat rival Jim Martin staved-off all chances for Obama Democrats to secure a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

In the proverbial big-picture, this is huge, folks. This is heroic-young-lad-with-his-finger-in-the-bursting-dam huge. This is (authentic) Hope-clinging-to-life-at-the-bottom-of-Pandora's-otherwise-empty-box huge. But not because of Chambliss himself.

As a moral victory (and I do mean that in the most literal sense of the word), Chambliss' win over Martin lights a blazing beacon high upon the slightly crumbling mountaintop of American Good Sense. "No!" says the valiant army of Freedom-Fighters atop that particular mountain. "Not all of us shall stand aside while the greatness of our nation is eroded by socialist robots with stars in their eyes and moonbeams for brains."

Not all of us shall look away as our Constitution is besmirched and the reputation of our God is mocked.

We're going to fight, and we're going to persevere in such a way that America's innate grandeur shall be restored without concern for how many swarthy foreign leaders do or do not want to invite us over for tea and cookies.

We're going to rescue America from the pathway of liberal oblivion upon which it is currently being pushed and prodded by smooth-talking thugs, soulless Hollywood plutocrats, and other leftist nincompoops.

We're going to be watching your every move, Liberty Thieves, and we're going to make things as rocky as possible when you try to drag America down your Road-to-Ruin, paved as it is in illusory Good Intentions...fraught as it is with the ominous echoes of "Yes We Can!" being chanted by the ghosts of blithering idiots.

Chambliss' win gives us real reason for optimism as America stands upon the brink of liberal disaster and, when the listing ship is one day righted, authentic history-books will remember that a lady named Sarah Palin just so happened to be on hand...using her power and influence to help seal-the-deal to the cheers of thousands who gathered to hear her stump for Chambliss in Georgia.

Am I alone, or did Chambliss's Palin-inspired 14-point thrashing of Martin in the runoff election give you a presentiment of good things to come on the horizon, too?

Palin--unharmed by the scornful lies and gassy eructations of leftist dragons during the Presidential election, returns with a loaded Moose-gun of Magnificence to fire a pivotal and lasting salvo. She rises from the ashes of McCain's incompetence and, like a smiling-tho-beehived Ronald Reagan of yesteryear, demonstrates her undeniable clout in what may well have been one of the last, critical junctures in the contemporary battle for America's very survival.

I'm rather glad it was her.

Thank you, Georgia.

And most of all...Thank you, Sarah.

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