Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There's more material on the way concerning our valiant Sarah, including commentary about the recent (and deplorable) case of arson at Wasilla Bible Church.

For months, people of vile purposes and evil hearts have declared Sarah to be their enemy--this is all the indication we require to realize how important and crucial Governor Palin continues to be as a virtuous, uncompromising American leader for our nation in perilous times now...and in the years to come.

Sarah's values and integrity are incongruous with this godless, self-absorbed age of rampant secularism. She jams the frequencies of the Marxist fools and egotists. Let's continue to support Palin with prayer and informed responses to those who seek her downfall.

You'll never bring this great woman down, liberals.

I'll return with a full scope of commentary after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all, indeed.

San Antonio, Texas

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