Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sarah's interview appearance on Canada's CTV, wherein she talked about launching the natural gas pipeline, was excellent. Watching her work and speak so effectively for the benefit of our great nation (while Illinois liberals implode!) inspired my poetic side. Enjoy.

Sarah Palin's back at work and leading like a winner.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, there's another leftist sinner.

As Sarah's efforts move our nation forward in this slump,

One more of Barry's buddys drags it down into the dump.

Sarah's launched a pipeline in fulfillment of our dreams,

To harvest homeland assets that are bursting at the seams.

A triumph of free-enterprise--that's Sarah's contribution;

While Blago in Chicago adds to "ethical pollution."

The Gov up in Alaska blazes pathways to success...

The scum that runs Chicago shoves us deeper in distress!

And all the Marxist ninnies that elected B. Hussein

Can choke on their granola if the world goes down the drain.

"Our Savior didn't KNOW!" they'll cry. "Don't question The Messiah.

It's just like when he said he paid no heed to Jeremiah!"

These nitwits picked on Sarah, called her dumber than a duck

(While Barry's old pal Blago can't use any word save 'F&%#'?)

That Windy City dirtbag offers Senate seats for cash,

But what did we expect to see from such Chicago trash?

Blago, Rezko, Wright, and Ayers--what's missing in this drama?

Oh wait, there's been a name left-out...I'd wager it's "Obama."

--Daniel Archer, December 9, 2008


The Zen Parrot said...

Just curious? Is there a drug that makes you STUPID? Or were you just born that way?

Daniel Archer said...

Hark! Another soulless communist deviant speaks, albeit entirely void of wit and discernible substance. Are we surprised?

No, we are not.

This particularly perfidious parrot no doubt considers a Starbucks coffee-colonic to be a "spiritual experience." Yes, we know the sort--always muttering watered-down Buddhist claptrap to offset the stinging memory of well-deserved schoolyard taunts.

This empty vessel, this pithy strand of gossamer, no doubt chants, cross-eyed, before an image of the Jug-Eared Thug Wonder of Chicago: Barack Hussein Obama. Zen Parrot indeed. This mange-riddled birdbrain is able only to "parrot" the weak, rheumy snivelings of other anemic leftist dreamers. How original. Yet, again, we remain not a whit surprised.

Zen Parrot--one of those vague people you see on a street, any street, on any given day, who simply stands...for nothing.

Zen Parrot. A shallow husk of humanity whose idea of self-scrutiny and betterment likely involves bean-sprouts and chronic masturbation.

Oh, Zen Parrot! Thou art far, far too easy.